Charity Leadership


Running a charity is a lonely business, you’ve voluntary trustees and a management team and you are in the middle.

It’s tough, there are times when you can’t talk to the boss and can’t talk to the team.

We get called in by boards and by CEO’s to be the regular monthly sounding board for coaching and mentoring.  One CEO said “I can be more honest with you than I can with my wife!” It’s a great chance to get out of the charity and work on you and your development.

We get called in because we’ve been there, done that and know the score, all the team have either been CEO’s of charities or Chaired charities. Some of us have done both.  No-one understands the issues you face better.

We can help with

  • Mentoring of the SMT
  • Coaching team members
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Relationship building
  • PR and marketing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Growth planning
  • Environmental issues
  • HR
  • Brand Development
  • Copywriting

For further information please contact us. We can have a 30 minute Skype conversation without obligation to talk through any challenges on your plate.  We will cut straight to the chase and see how much we can achieve!

We can do this because we’ve been there either as a CEO or because we’ve worked alongside CEO’s going through these issues. We work with key trusted associates when you need help with specialised areas of concern.

Case Study – CEO of a leading housing charity

“I have worked with Bowbridge Green for two years now.

I contacted Marcus following a very challenging period at work culminating in a particularly difficult AGM. I had grave concerns about the governance of the organisation and the increasingly negative influence of some of the founder members. I was at a point of complete isolation as my relationship with the Board was rapidly breaking down and it would have been inappropriate for me to share these concerns with members of the senior team who I line manage. Due to the confidential nature of this information I could not share it even with my closest professional peers. I realised that unless I was proactive there was a strong risk of this having a dilapidating effect on both the organisation and myself. Speaking confidentially to a completely independent, external person with experience and understanding of working with and within charities seemed to be the most logical option open to me. Marcus Green fitted this description perfectly, having had personal experience as CEO of a charity and also bringing a wealth of additional breadth of expertise.

I wasn’t looking to Marcus for solutions to operational issues or indeed a magic wand for the concerns I had in relation to governance. What I was looking for was an objective receptacle and where / if appropriate a response; be it a prompting question, a request to extend a particular point, a suggestion to look at something from a different angle, or a signpost to some particular piece of research or literature.

This monthly 1:1 discussion was highly beneficial. The positive objectivity that underpinned these conversations enabled me to have a far greater clarity of thought as they forced me to step back and analyse / discuss the issues that I was previously getting drawn too close into.   

I was so impressed with the nature of support and guidance Marcus provided that I proposed to my Board of Trustees that he attend some meetings to help us resolve some governance issues. This was the beginning of what would be a very long relationship whereby Marcus worked with myself and the Board to; carry out a skills audit of the Board, restructure the Board, detail the relationship between the CEO and Board, and ultimately position the Board in an effective, forward facing position.

After just over 12 months Marcus gradually began to reduce the governance related support he was providing and we are now back in a positon where I meet with him on a monthly basis.   

The organisation is in an unrecognisably stronger place with regard to governance than it has ever been. The Board and I have an effective working relationship, and I feel very well supported by them. This has all had a direct effect on the organisation which is also in a far stronger place and has just completed one of its most successful year’s than it has for a long time.”